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What is the 3CX?

Like well known brands such as NEC, Panasonic, BT the 3CX is a Developer of the Telephone system based on the latest technologies.

3CX is an open-platform, software VoIP phone system that works with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks whether on-premise or in the cloud. Offering a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features, 3CX is more than just your average business telephone system. Simple, affordable and flexible, 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems or the limitations of shared cloud PBXs having the ability to run on Linux and Windows
The 3CX s free for up to 16 sim calls and for larger Installations is available at one low yearly price. You have the complete freedom of where to install your PBX and which SIP trunks or IP phones to use saving you thousands per year on your business phone system,

So let us look at some of the features included for free which on a traditional System could prove expensive:
Digital Receptionist, Voicemail to Email, Call Logging, Call Recording, Agent Login/out, Call Queuing

L.J Telecom Services Ltd is a certified Partner of the 3CX telephone system. We therefore highly recommend and encourage you to consider this versatile system for your business

3CX Dashboard

With the 3cx we can manage your IP Phones from within the management console. Deploy new firmware keeping the handsets up to date with all the latest software & provisioning templates. Check the status of your pbx, Send error alerts, Manage your contacts, integrate with popular CRMs, generate call reports and more

3CX Webmeeting

3CX WebMeeting is an unparalleled, clientless web conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!
Often there is a need to meet face-to-face with both your existing and prospective customers, as well as your employees, but due to time and budget constraints, an on-site visit might not always be possible, especially if the people you need to communicate with are in different countries.

Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with people anywhere in the world. Your sales pitch, product presentation, interview or company-wide announcement can still have that personal touch even if your participants are in a different continent. A video conference allows you to put a face to a name and voice and really get your message across the way you intend it.

Set up and host webinars with 3CX WebMeeting in minutes, without needing your IT staff on hand. Webinars are a fantastic way of generating quality leads and growing your business. In just a few mouse clicks and without any training, you can arrange and present your product or service to hundreds of potential customers from your own computer whilst seamlessly bringing in joint speakers.


Rather than being constrained to a handset style from one manufacturer using the 3CX allows you to connect with a choice of handsets from a range of authorised dealers. Fanvil, Yealink, Snom, Grandstream, Htek and more

Mobile Clients

With the 3CX Client available for mobile devices you can become a fully working extn connected with your office system allowing you to see who is on a call, ring them internally as though your in the office although you could be out of the country, be part of webmeeting’s, Instant chat, share the company phone book and more.